The Cherokee has long been one of the most popular Jeep vehicles on the market. The SUV is spacious, reliable and ideal for town or country use. The latest models have upgrades that bring the vehicles into the 21st century. See the new Cherokee at our Jeep sales location. Take one for a quick drive.

The front end of the SUV continues boasting the iconic slotted grille and Jeep logo. However, the overall look of the Cherokee is more refined thanks to the smooth curves and sharp lines. The headlights extend toward the sides of the vehicle, which gives the front a fierce look. The headlights, daytime running lights and tail lights illuminate the way using energy-saving LED bulbs.

Step to the rear of the vehicle. Pass a foot beneath the liftgate and watch the door open without the need to unlock or manually lift the gate. The amenity is convenient when having your hands full.



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