Cargo vans definitely serve their purpose in society. These vehicles are built for handling tougher-then-normal jobs. Whether you're hauling a specific type of material or you're trying to tow an extreme amount of weight, the Ram ProMaster could be the best vehicle to get the job done right.

At the heart of this popular cargo van sits a Pentastar engine. The V6 engine has been constructed for commercial use. This particular 3.6-liter engine generates as much as 280 horsepower, and it produces as much as 260 pound-feet of torque. Right off the bat, drivers will have access to full-fledged capability while traveling. This just so happens to be a Best-in-Class engine. When it comes to cargo transport, consumers can choose this van in multiple wheelbases. The standard wheelbase is 118 inches while the extended wheelbase is 159 inches.

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